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Fee Schedule

$25/hour - Pre-approved work done at FCC facility at the behest of the Client; invoiced monthly with itemized hours; terms: Net 10 Days.

$35/hour - Requested work done at client’s facility; same terms as above, plus $0.405 per mile travel expenses.

$180/3 months - Basic Search Fee - Paid in advance at the beginning of the three-month period; terms: Net 10 Days.

Note: Project fees are subject to change and are established and pre-approved by the client on a per project basis.

Preferred Method of Billing - The client issues an initial blanket purchase order for the basic search fee, so Form 1099 are not necessary. All additional pre-approved billings are invoiced against this purchase order number to simplify client’s accounting.

Open Policy - No contract from FCC. Purchase order provisions may be cancelled anytime for any reason deemed reasonable by either party (client or FCC) and prorated refunds made by FCC on the three-month paid-in-advance balance, terms: Net 10 Days.

Confidentiality - FCC will maintain strict confidentiality at all times during the life of the purchase order and in perpetuity. All proprietary information from the client or data learned by FCC during the normal course of business will be kept in confidence.

Liability Notice - It is the intention of FCC to check the federal government procurement resources on a near daily basis to locate solicitations on behalf of the client. The Solicitation Number is presented to the client via an email on the same date located. The client may pursue or not pursue leads at their discretion. Additional assistance to the client must be pre-approved by the client, via email, in order to be billable by FCC. FCC will maintain detailed records of action taken. FCC does not guarantee the federal government will need the client’s products or services in any particular time frame. FCC does not guarantee the client will secure a federal contract and is not liable for any expenses incurred in the pursuit of a federal contract.

Fee Schedule
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